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Blood tests that people over 50 should do

Since hepatitis usually does not cause symptoms, many people are unaware that they are carriers of the virus and should be tested regularly. That's why nearly half of the 3.5 million Americans living with hepatitis C don't know they have the virus....

What does virus and what does germ mean?

What does virus and what does germ mean? These are microorganisms that need living cells to multiply. So they use the human cells that they infect. How; By forcing them to create new viruses. The infected cells are then destroyed and the viruses spread rapidly to the rest of the body. There are over 100 different viruses for the common cold alone. However, viruses outside of human cells can only...

Coronavirus: What to do if we have symptoms and we are at home

With more than 2,000 cases of coronavirus in the country and a lockdown, the question that arises is what we can do if we get the virus. Thus, according to experts, in case of the first symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus, you can contact Aegean Medical Service to book an appointment for a molecular test Covid 19  at home, which takes place in conditions of safety, comfort and...

Coronavirus: Until when are antibodies produced?

What the findings of a Greek researcher say about the production of antibodies after the initial coronavirus infection. Patients with Covid-19 develop high-quality antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as long as five to seven months after the initial infection, according to a new US study. The study shows that those who become infected with the new virus may - although not necessarily - develop long-term immunity....

Ομάδα αίματος

Coronavirus: People with this blood type may be at lower risk

People with blood type 0 have the lowest risk of Covid-19 infection, especially with severe symptoms, while those with blood types A and AB have an increased risk of getting serious clinical symptoms (eg having complications in other organs) and need ICU admission and intubation, according to two new scientific studies, one from Denmark and one from Canada....

Covid-19: Why do some people experience effects for months?

A new scientific study reveals "unique features" of the new coronavirus, due to which patients face effects for months. A new scientific study from King's College London sheds light on the "unique features" of the new coronavirus, which can make some patients experience the effects of the virus for months, but also examine the possible lung damage that can be caused by the infection....

Aegean Medical Service

Coronavirus: Did the mutation make it more contagious?

New scientific study from the University of Texas at Austin reveals that the coronavirus may have become more contagious due to its mutation. A study of more than 5,000 patients who tested positive for the coronavirus in Houston concluded that the coronavirus accumulates genetic mutations, one of which may have made it more contagious....


Aspirin: “Protects” from the serious side effects of the coronavirus

According to a new study of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Aspirin reduces the risk of death in clinical patients with coronavirus.According to the above study, clinical patients with coronavirus, who received low-dose aspirin on a daily basis for cardiovascular disease, had a lower risk of complications and death than those who did not, and were less likely to be connected to mechanical ventilation or in Intensive Care...

The points for paying attention in your mental health, against Covid – 19

As the second wave of our coronavirus knocks on our door, more and more people are worried about the impact it has on their lives. The great coronavirus outbreak, the disease of 2019 (COVID-19,) can really stress us, some much more and some less. But let ‘s get into the process of thinking it’ s perfectly normal to worry, be scared or anxious during a global threat....

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How is close contact (high risk of exposure) with a Covid-19 case defined in hotels?

A person who had direct physical contact with a patient with Covid-19 is in the high risk of exposure. Person with unprotected contact with infectious secretions patient with Covid-19 is in the high risk of exposure. A person who had contact with a person in the same room as the suspected case. Person who had face-to-face contact with a Covid-19 patient less than 2 meters away and for more than...