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+ 30 698 517 9999

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+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

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COVID 19 TEST AT YOUR HOME – PLACE OF STAY (molecular tests and antibody tests)

Without unnecessary travel and with absolute safety in your home, molecular tests and antibody tests!

Aegean Medical Service, which since 2010 specializes in the provision of high quality medical services, has organized a medical network, which performs Covid 19 molecular and antibody tests in your home or place of stay.

The aim of the mobile medical teams is the home care services and the taking of biologic material samples from individuals – possible cases of Covid-19 coronavirus, a process which is characterized by experts as the “key” to prevent the spread of the virus when we enter the next phase, when they begin to gradually lift the restrictive measures.

Moreover, vulnerable groups, people with mobility problems or people who just want to save time, can be tested at home by appointment in conditions of safety, comfort and discretion.

The mobile team is fully equipped and takes all the necessary precautions for your own safety and that of the people around you. This way you avoid moving and coming into contact with possible cases and, consequently, the spread of the virus



It is based on the detection of viral particles in respiratory samples (nasopharyngeal or oral pharyngeal mucosal smear), with methodology specificity and sensitivity approaching 100%. You can take the test without even having to leave home, thanks to Aegean Medical Service’s specially equipped mobile medical team.


Find out if you had COVID-19 in the past and if you already have antibodies! The antibody test is performed with a blood sample and it is recommended in cases where it must be determined whether someone had the infection in the recent past, even if they had mild or no symptoms. The test lasts 10 minutes.


When do we get the results?

The time it takes for the results to come out varies greatly. The soonest the results can be ready is in a few hours (5-6 hours), while it could also exceed the 7 hours.


Book your appointment by calling 2310 224 224, +30 698 517 9999!


⚠️ Coronavirus tests can also be performed in specially designed spaces at the diagnostic center of Aegean Medical Service, at 50 Mitropoleos str, in the center of Thessaloniki.