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Covid-19 test Thessaloniki. Medical-specialized network which, among other services, performs molecular covid-19 tests. The best medical services across every corner of Greece. Offering 24/7 medical supportin order to experience hassle free vacations

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+ 30 698 517 9999

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+ 30 698 111 0786

+ 30 698 111 0786

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

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Aegean Medical Service, which specializes in the provision of high quality medical services since 2010, in response to the new reality that emerged due to the pandemic,  has organized a specialized medical network to perform molecular tests Covid 19,  at the individual’s place of stay or in groups, factories, industries, companies, shops, nightclubs and any business or office space.

The specialized staff of Aegean Medical Service who arrive at the site for the Covid 19 test, carry special equipment, provide detailed information and clarification over the testing performance and are also ready to answer any questions of the patient.

Test Covid 19 - Thessaloniki

Under conditions of safety, comfort and discretion for the individuals, COVID-19 molecular testing is conducted by appointment at the place of your choice.

In order to avoid any transaction with cards or cash, the fee for the examination is paid through e-banking. COVID-19 molecular testing is conducted by obtaining nasopharyngeal sample with a special cotton swab by specially trained doctors.

The sample is packaged in a special way and always with the accompanying documentation which is required by NPHO. With discretion and speed, the results are sent to the individual  by email  on the next day of the examination.

In the case of group testing on business personnel,  you simply set the place where the testing will take place, the exact day and time, and then the staff arrive and the COVID-19 molecular testing is performed under the strictest safety conditions. The results are sent to the company or as you indicate the next day of the examination.

For appointments and information, you can contact us at +30 698 517 9999 or at