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+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

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Current News Covid-19

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Aegean Medical Service New extensions of international and domestic flight instructions

New extensions of international and domestic flight instructions

The new extensions of the air directives (Covid-19 notams) for domestic flights until 15/2/21 and for international flights until 22/2/21 are announced to the passenger public by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In particular, with the aim of protecting passengers and citizens from the pandemic, the air directive concerning domestic flights (regular passenger services, general aviation and business routes – domestic flights) is extended until Monday 15 February 2021 at 06:00 in the morning. commercial and general / business aviation), which provides that all essential airports in the country are allowed only essential domestic travel (Essential Travel) which includes travel for health, business / business purposes, objective family reasons (family reunification) and for return to permanent residence.

Regarding the international flight routes, the following are extended and valid until Monday, February 22, 2021 at 06:00 in the morning:

Prohibition of entry to Greece of Third-country nationals other than the countries of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement: notam provides for a ban on entry of third-country nationals other than the countries of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement. Citizens of the following 10 countries are excluded from the directive: United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation and Israel. Japan was removed from the list of exemptions with the authorized third countries from this aviation directive in relation to the pre-existing one.

Seven (7) days quarantine on all arrivals from abroad: All passengers entering our country from any foreign country, including the Member States of the European Union, are subject to mandatory precautionary restrictions at home or at the place of temporary residence stated on the PLF form, for seven (7) days, unless they remain in Greece for a shorter period of time, in which case the temporary restriction is valid for this period of time, ie until their departure. In addition, international passengers will be checked upon arrival, based on the procedure provided by the Passenger Locator Form. In case the tests find a positive passenger, the quarantine will be valid for 14 days.

United Kingdom – 7-day quarantine and new pcr test to lift it: Especially for incoming passengers from the UK in order to get out of quarantine they will have to undergo a new PCR test when the 7-day period is completed.

Mandatory completion of Passenger Locator Form: Extension is also provided for the flight instruction for PLF, ie the mandatory completion of the form at the electronic address by all passengers of international flights to Greece. It is also mandatory to complete the PLF form for passengers of foreign flights who are permanent residents of Greece and depart from the airports of our country.

Suspension of flights with Turkey: The suspension of flights between Greece and Turkey is extended.

Maximum traveler from the Russian Federation: Especially for Russia (permanent residents) the following restrictions remain, arrivals only at the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion and a maximum entry limit for Greece of 500 passengers per week.

International arrivals only with a negative test of 72 hours: notam predicts that all passengers of international flights will enter our country only with a negative PCR test Covid-19 which will be performed up to 72 hours before their arrival. We also remind you that the passengers will be subject to a sample test upon entering the Greek territory based on the PLF.

Exceptions to pre-existing notams apply to all international and domestic flight instructions.


Aegean Medical Service Ban on entry to Bulgaria until April 30 - All conditions

Ban on entry to Bulgaria until April 30 – All conditions


The Decree of the Ministry of Health for banning entry into the country until April 30 is activated from today, January 29, in Bulgaria.

The relevant details of the Decree are as follows:

1. All persons, regardless of their nationality, shall be temporarily barred from entering the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria through all border crossings by air, sea, rail and road.

2. The prohibition shall not apply to:

a) Bulgarian citizens, citizens of the EU, Schengen countries (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican), members of their families, including those who actually live with them, citizens of the United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Eastern Republic of Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Republic of North Korea, , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Israel, Kuwait, Belarus and Turkey, persons with permanent or long-term residence permits in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and members of their families, , and people with a residence permit in an EU or Schengen country (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican) and their family members.

b) Medical staff, when the purpose of the trip is to perform their duties.

c) Employees in the field of supply of medical supplies and equipment, including their installation and maintenance.

D) Personnel of international means of transport of passengers and cargo, aircraft for commercial transport, etc.

e) Foreign officials and members of their delegations, diplomats, officials of international organizations, the military, employees of humanitarian organizations in the performance of their duties.

f) People traveling for humanitarian reasons

g) Representatives of commercial, economic and investment activities and persons directly related to:

-construction, maintenance, operation and security of critical strategic infrastructure projects in the Republic of Bulgaria

-execution of projects certified under the Law on Investment Promotion, activities that are important for the development of the country’s economy (certified by a letter from the Minister of Economy or another competent Minister), as well as persons working in shipbuilding and repair zones

h) Seasonal land workers and tourism workers

i) Workers in border areas

j) Persons traveling for educational purposes and persons participating in examination committees provided that the examination can not be carried out remotely

k) People who participate in international sports events (for the duration of the sporting event), athletes from abroad who come to the country for a specific probationary period, coaches from abroad, who come to take part in trainings, members of families of athletes and coaches, who hold a “D” type visa, certified by a letter from the Minister of Sports and Youth, which lists the names of individuals and the address of residence in Bulgaria. The letter is presented to the Border Control Authorities.

l) Foreign citizens who come to receive a Decree for acquired Bulgarian citizenship, certified by a letter from the Minister of Justice

m) Organizers and those who participate in international cultural events – for as long as the event lasts, by letter of the Minister of Culture

3.People included in point 2 may transit through Bulgarian territory

4. Transit transit shall be permitted only if there is a guarantee that the persons concerned will leave Bulgarian territory immediately.

5. All persons allowed to enter the country under point 2 may enter the territory of Bulgaria only by a negative PCR test using the polymerase chain reaction method for virus detection, which has been carried out up to 72 hours before entry. in the country, calculated from the date of examination in the document.

The document in point 5 must state the names of the person according to the identity or travel document with which he is traveling, details of the laboratory that carried out the test (name, address or other contact details), date on which the examination, indication in Latin the method (PCR) and the negative result (Negative)

7. Exemption from point 5 is allowed only for:

a) Bus drivers performing international passenger transport

(b) Drivers of lorries entering Bulgaria carrying out international transport of goods and goods

c) The members of the ship’s crews

(d) The crew members of aircraft flying to and from the airports of the Bulgarian Civil Aviation and the technical staff

e) The persons of point 2, par (i), regardless of their nationality

f) Persons transit through Bulgaria

8. Bulgarian citizens and persons with permanent, long-term or permanent residence status in the territory of Bulgaria and their family members who do not have a negative PCR test, which has been done up to 72 hours before entering Bulgaria, are put in a 10-day period. quarantine at their home or at an address where they have stated that they will be staying during this period, by order issued by the Director of the respective regional health inspectorate or by an authorized Deputy Director.


Aegean Medical Service New measures for those traveling to the Netherlands and France…

New measures for those traveling to the Netherlands and France…

The Netherlands and France have announced new measures for those arriving in their territory to reduce the spread of the pandemic as much as possible.
The Dutch government has announced that flights to and from the United Kingdom as well as flights from South Africa and South America will be suspended. In addition, in addition to the negative PCR test already required by passengers (within 72 hours of departure to the Netherlands), all passengers traveling to the Netherlands from high-risk countries (including Greece) are required and a rapid test will be must have been made no earlier than 4 hours before departure. The test also applies to transit passengers.

For more information you can go to the KLM website

In France…
For passengers traveling to France as their final destination, they may be required to take a negative COVID-19 test before boarding the aircraft, as well as a travel certificate, depending on where travel. The test must have been performed within the last 72 hours before departure and only PCR and LAMP tests are accepted. Upon arrival in France, passengers must be isolated for seven days. Other regulations may apply to travel to and from the French overseas territories.
For more information on the requirements and which countries are exempt you will find on the Air France website


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