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Covid-19 test Thessaloniki. Medical-specialized network which, among other services, performs molecular covid-19 tests. The best medical services across every corner of Greece. Offering 24/7 medical supportin order to experience hassle free vacations

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+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

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Departments - Aegean Medical Service

Aegean Medical was founded to provide high quality healthcare and its first priority is the needs and desires of each client individually. For a decade, it offers a wide range of medical services to travelers who choose Greece for their holidays. Our main goal is the prevention and treatment of our customers by providing reliable and timely health services effectively.

Aegean Medical Service

The hematology department manages the samples that require the quantitative and qualitative determination of the blood cells, the control of hemostasis and in general the control of blood diseases.

Aegean Medical Service

The biochemical part consists of a pre-analytical system, which ensures maximum reliability and the avoidance of errors in the pre-analytical phase of sample processing.

Aegean Medical Service

The immunological department performs tests to determine immunobiological markers, such as autoantibody testing, cancer markers and allergen testing. The measurements are made reliably by automatic immunological analyzers, according to all modern European and international protocols.

Aegean Medical Service

In the hormonological department, tests are performed to determine hormone levels (hormonal tests), which serve to control the function of the endocrine glands, such as the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and the endocrine part of the pancreas (diabetes testing) .

Aegean Medical Service

Molecular biology has been used more and more frequently in recent years to control and diagnose diseases that are either difficult to diagnose by other methods or are caused by damage to an individual’s genetic material. Particular reference should be made to Molecular Microbiology, a field that due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has acquired special diagnostic value.

Aegean Medical Service

The microbiology department performs tests related to the diagnosis of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Various biological fluids are examined (urine, semen, prostate fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, ascites fluid, synovial fluid, pleural fluid), feces, mucosal smears (vaginal, cervical, urethral, ​​rectal, pharyngeal, tonsil, umbilical..

Aegean Medical Service

The virology department deals with the control of viruses that cause disease in humans. Detection, identification and control of immunization, ie the production of specific antibodies against viruses. The measurements are made reliably by automatic immunological analyzers, according to all modern European and international protocols.


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