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Covid-19 test Thessaloniki. Medical-specialized network which, among other services, performs molecular covid-19 tests. The best medical services across every corner of Greece. Offering 24/7 medical supportin order to experience hassle free vacations

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Aegean Medical Service, with its great experience in Medical Tourism in Greece, provides medical services to vacationers who choose Greece for their holidays since 2011. Aegean Medical Service opens its local clinics again this year and is ready to contribute significantly in preventing the spread of SARS II COVID 19, during this year’s tourist season.

With clinics at strategic points, collaborations with all types of accommodation, the provision of a collaborating doctor with a practice license and the ability of telemedicine support with doctors’ instructions, Aegean Medical Service will be by the tourism professionals and vacationers  during the  summer season.

The collaborating doctors of Aegean Medical Service, acting according to the instructions of NPHO for the control of Covid 19 and being trained in taking nasopharyngeal sample from a suspected case for molecular control , will be at the hotel resort’s disposal on a 24 hour basis, and with the aid of telemedicine, they will be able to monitor suspected cases and their close contacts. In an unprecedented situation like this, Aegean Medical Service is committed to helping maintain the positive international picture that our country has shown so far and will ensure the safety and health of both holidaymakers and the community.

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Aegean Medical Service: No more Covid-19 stress for tourism professionals

As we hope that Greece will open its borders to tourists in a few days, the greatest anxiety of tourism professionals and hotel owners is what to do if they encounter a suspected case in their facilities and, even worse, if this suspected case proves indeed positive in Covid -19.

How will they manage the situation according to the strict protocols of NPHO, at a time when in our tourist areas the public health structures are weak?

The solution comes with Aegean Medical Service, which offers high quality medical services to holidaymakers since 2011, Covid-19 testing in Thessaloniki and across Greece.

Responding to the new reality that emerged due to the pandemic, Aegean Medical Service has already organized a specialized medical network, which:

Provides 24/7 medical information and guidance to tourism professionals and hotel owners in relation to Covid-19, Performs molecular testing for suspected events. Undertakes the management of the incident in case it is found positive in Covid-19. Always by strictly following the instructions of NPHO.

These services are provided with a one-time subscription for the entire tourist season and are aimed at all types of hotels, organized accommodation, and also short-term rental areas. Aegean Medical Service has developed its network in the areas of Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, the area of ​​Strymonikos Gulf (Asprovalta, Vrasna, Stavros and Olympiada), Northern Evia and Thassos.

More information at tel: 6985.179999, 6948246028 and at