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Covid-19 test Thessaloniki. Medical-specialized network which, among other services, performs molecular covid-19 tests. The best medical services across every corner of Greece. Offering 24/7 medical supportin order to experience hassle free vacations

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From the first moment of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic (COVID-19), Aegean Medical, responding to the new reality that emerged due to the pandemic, organized a specialized medical  network which performs Covid-19 molecular and antigen tests (Rapid test). ), individually at the place of stay of ​​the patient or in groups in Municipalities, Organizations, Schools, Kindergartens, Open Protection Centers for the Elderly , Public Services, Sports facilities etc.

Aegean Medical Service has stood by all citizens, in collaboration with several municipalities and organizations, to help prevent the spread of Covid -19 disease!

Test Covid 19 - Thessaloniki

Aegean Medical Service expands the Health coverage of medical services in Municipalities and Organizations, with the possibility of providing services (Medical examinations to employees) in our diagnostic centers, in order to preserve their safety and hygiene, with medical examinations in the context of preventive of medicine.These examinations are performed gradually, ie annually as the Microbiological examinations, depending on the judgment of the occupational physicians when  indicated.

The medical monitoring of the employees and the preventive examinations of the human resources in the time we live in, is a vital project and it is the responsibility of every Organization. A key condition for success and quality is investing in human resources.

The preventive medical examinations of the employees can be carried out in a properly designed space inside the premises of the Municipalities, so as not to disturb the business environment of the service.


Indicatively Aegean Medical provides:

  • Blood tests, biochemical, urine tests , Covid test, etc., with a specialist microbiologist
  • Diabetes control, measurement of sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin, with a specialist physician
  • Spirometry, with a specialist Pulmonologist
  • Cardiogram – Cardiac triplex, with a specialist cardiologist
  • Chest x-ray, upper and lower abdomen ultrasound, with a specialist radiologist and several more examinations


At Aegean Medical Service, knowing the needs that arise, and especially during the summer months, we have the possibility of establishing  cooperation with Municipalities for the provision of an ambulance, having specialized medical, nursing staff and rescuers, so that the Citizen feels safe, even in the most remote area.

Aegean Medical Service also has a service but the Covid 19 tests!
Mitropoleos 50, Thessaloniki. Contact telephone: 698 517 9999, 2310 224 224