Medical Services

Aegean Medical was founded to provide high-quality health care and its number one priority is the needs and desires of each client individually.

Our main aim is the prevention and the treatment of our customers by providing reliable and timely health services efficiently.
Our experienced staff in cooperation with the specialised doctors serve our clients with a view to handling all cases organised and efficiently.

Common factor to all our tasks and actions is the trusting relationship with our clients towards the provision of a comprehensive medical care.

Our primary concern is to offer the sense of security and trust to the customers and we will continue to fulfill customers’ expectations with teamwork and leadership.

Hospitals, Health Clinics, Diagnostic medical centres0%
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses0%
Ambulances/ Air Ambulances0%
Travel Agencies, (Hotel Accommodation, Transport Services)0%
Funerals Homes0%
Car Workshops0%
Claims management companies0%

Medical Assistance

• 24-hour services by professional staff and physicians
• Advisory Service by physicians
• National and international network of doctors, dentists and nurses
• Physician home visits
• Domiciliary care
• Medical reference for healthcare
• Estimate of the treatment and cost with the possibility of regulation of the charges
• Monitoring of medical invoices/ receipts
• Monitoring of the medical record
• Study to determine the most suitable method of transportation, health and medical equipment and medical escort
• Translation and interpretation

Air Transport

• 24-hour services with national and global cover
• Group of specialists: anesthesiologists, cardiologists, surgeons, emergency physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, neurologists
• Organization of worldwide patient repatriation and air transportation (passenger and private flights)
• Timely and rapid medical evacuation
• Medical Air Transportation (Ticketing)
• Portable Medical Equipment
• Patient Transfer from bed to stretcher
• Primary- Secondary- Tertiary Care
• Road ambulances
• Air ambulances – Propeller Driven Aircrafts – Jet Aircrafts – Helicopters

With us, it’s always personal

Aegean Medical takes care every patient always in personal.

The Highest Quality Healthcare

Aegean Medical's services are always of the highest quality.

Improving the Quality and Safety of your vacation

24/7 Call support at your disposal

Leading the Way in Medical Excellence

Since 2001 Aegean Medical leads the way in 24/7 medical services in Greece.