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Covid-19 test Thessaloniki. Medical-specialized network which, among other services, performs molecular covid-19 tests. The best medical services across every corner of Greece. Offering 24/7 medical supportin order to experience hassle free vacations

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+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

+ 30 698 517 9999

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Aegean Medical Service


Aegean Medical Service, with its strong position in the primary care medical services sector in Greece, aims to provide reliable and affordable diagnosis, with respect for the person and the patient.

It is one of the fastest growing medical companies, devotedly applying its high operating standards, ensuring the excellent quality of diagnostic test results, with full dedication to improving the quality of life of the people who trust it, since 2010.

It has 5 Diagnostic centers in Thessaloniki- Center, West and East Thessaloniki, with a basic principle and commitment to provide examinees with such services that fully cover their requirements, while at the same time it provides all the necessary supplies to its staff in order to achieve the quality goals it sets on a daily basis.

The company’s team consists of a group of competent, well-trained and experienced doctors and is staffed by highly trained paramedical and administrative staff, distinguished by courtesy, ethics, discretion and sensitivity, as required especially in the field of health.

The company has top-notch medical equipment, in collaboration with General Electric, thus investing in first-rate new technology machines.

Through many years of experience, continuous improvement, the adoption and application of today’s new technologies, the continuous training of the staff, the implementation of quality assurance protocols, but also the daily human approach, Aegean Medical Service wins’ trust and recognition from the patients every day.

Finally, Aegean Medical Service, dominates in the sector of providing medical services to tourists who choose Greece for their vacations. It has the largest organization of clinics in areas of strong tourist interest and provides solutions with home health services in hundreds of hotels in Thessaloniki, Khalkidhiki and other tourist areas of Greece.

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A Great Place to Work. A Great Place to Receive Care.

Aegean Medical offers a wide range of services with personalized assistance in the field of health with speed and efficiency.

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People Come First. We Provide Best Quality Care. Always On Time.

The experienced and highly skilled doctors propose, manage and organize even the most complex medical problems and specific requirements.

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Covering almost every corner of Greece

The best medical company with most experienced doctors available offer you 24/7 medical services

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Trust your health to Aegean Medical

The experienced and highly skilled doctors propose, manage and organize even the most complex medical problems and specific requirements, directly, on a National and International scale

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Aegean Medical

More specifically, Aegean Medical Service provides:

  • 24-hour service, provided by specialized staff and doctors
  • Medical advice from doctors of all specialties
  • Network of medical doctors, dentists and nurses that covers all of Greece and beyond
  • Doctor’s visit at your own home
  • Nurses’ visit at your own home
  • Medical care at home
  • Sending of full medical report
  • Estimation of the possible therapy as well as the expected cost, with possibility of flexible payment plan
  • Medical bills and invoices check
  • Medical record check
  • Analysis to determine the most suitable way of transport, medical equipment and medical escort
  • Translation and interpretation

For a successful accomplishment of the above stated services, Aegean Medical Service has at its disposal the central data base which is controlled and coordinated by experienced company staff, in order to provide services of the most suitable specialized suppliers, in accordance to international standards for costumer safety and satisfaction


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